Pointercrate Rules and Guidelines

This section of Pointercrate documents the guidelines that the Demon List team (the "Team") uses when handling new level placements and incoming record submissions. Please note that although these guidelines extensively cover the various aspects of the list and the Team, they are not necessarily exhaustive and may be updated whenever the Team feels the need to do so. These updates are enforced immediately after their release, so players should take care to read the changelog to familiarize themselves with any recent changes or additions. The Table of Contents on the right can be used to navigate to specific portions of the guidelines.

These guidelines will always be accessible from the Pointercrate homepage as well as on the demon list. In addition, players will be reminded to refer to the restrictions specifically regarding record eligibility at the bottom of the submission form.

If you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines, don't hesitate to contact any Team member for clarification! The raw files used to generate this webpage are also located on github, so if you notice a typo or any other error in the guidelines shown here, feel free to submit a pull request!

Key Takeaways for Players

This section of the guidelines simplifies the most important points for players to know before playing a list demon or submitting a record. Players are responsible for keeping each of these points in mind whenever they are applicable!

Players should also refer to the player checklist for a more concise list of important points to keep in mind.

Please note that if there is ever a conflict between these points and the full guidelines, the guidelines always take precedence.


  • Submitted records can correspond to a player completing a level or achieving progress above its minimum requirement. The minimum requirement for a given list demon can be found in that level's page on Pointercrate.

  • Players should submit their own records and include an uncut video of their progress or completion run. The video should be available on YouTube, Twitch (highlights only), Vimeo, Everyplay, or Bilibili; Pointercrate does not support any other video-sharing platforms! More Details

  • To check the status of your submission, players should re-submit the same record using the form on the Demon List!

  • A player has three days to respond to a team member's question about a record before that record is automatically rejected. The record will be reconsidered if the player reaches out to a team member after this deadline.

Raw Footage

  • Raw Footage is required for all records without clicks and strongly encouraged for all first submissions to the list. Raw footage is defined as the unedited recording of the session, either from a recording software or a livestream.

  • It is essential for either the completion or raw footage to contain audible clicks for the entire run. A record without clicks is nearly guaranteed to be rejected!

  • Players that wish to submit raw footage must provide it in the 'Notes' section of the submission form or in the video description. We will seldom reach out to you if we need raw footage and you did not provide it to us! More Details

  • Records on mobile devices have slightly different raw footage guidelines due to natural limitations of the device.


  • The run for any record must start at the beginning of the level and last until the submitted progress value. Exiting the level midway through an attempt or using one attempt in Practice Mode does not disqualify a record!

  • Using a skip that does not bypass entire sections of the level or alter the level's hardest parts is generally acceptable, but players should take note of whether the skip is still possible in the rated version of the level. More Details

  • 100% records that do not show the in-game endscreen will not be eligible for the list, unless the game crashes before the endscreen is displayed. Records with endscreens that are unreadable for any reason will also not be accepted to the list.

Bannable Offenses

  • Records using disallowed hacks will not be added to the list, and players that pass off these records as legitimate will be banned until they confess to hacking. Refusing to provide evidence for legitimacy is also grounds for a ban.

  • This list details the hacks we allow for list records, and this section more specifically outlines the retributions against hacked records.

  • Players are not allowed to collectively submit records for a single account! More Details

Framerate and FPS Counters

  • Players may use their monitor's refresh rate or a third-party software at a framerate of up to 360FPS. More Details

  • An FPS counter is required if the player turns off orb pulses, achieves the run in Practice Mode, uses a framerate above 300FPS, or submits a record for a level that uses an in-game "official" song. More Details

Fixing Bugs

  • Players are generally allowed to fix bugs that are caused by varying refresh rates or in-game physics changes, especially if the level is made unreasonably more difficult or impossible as a result.

  • Submitting illegal bugfixes repeatedly without clearing them with the team may result in a player ban! More Details

LDMs, Texture Packs, and the Smooth Fix

  • Low Detail Modes (LDMs) that are built into the original level or uploaded to the Pointercrate account are always eligible for records. Players may also choose to create their own LDMs, but should clear them with the list team in advance. More Details

  • The most effective way to clear an LDM with the list team is to share a NoClip run of the level with us. Players should not simply share a level ID with a team member!

  • Using the Smooth Fix to significantly slow down the game is not permitted. In addition, texture packs that visibly alter hitboxes other than that of the player itself are not permitted.


This webpage archives the various changes the list team has made to the rules and guidelines of the Demon List. At the moment, our only notification system for new changes is in our Discord server, so if you are not a member there, it's a good idea to check this section occasionally for new updates.

Changes listed here are ordered from most recent to least recent. Current version: v1.8

Changes from v1.7 to v1.8 (4/26/2021)

  • Changed the wording of our skip guidelines.

  • Added a guideline that prohibits the use of alternate accounts on the Demon List.

  • Added a guideline raising the maximum framerate to 360FPS. Players must also use an FPS counter if their framerate exceeds 300FPS.

  • Added a special rule in the list of allowed hacks that prohibits the Trail Always On hack if the level uses a Hide Player trigger for difficulty

  • Added a guideline prohibiting players from enabling or disabling hacks after the start of an attempt to abuse or otherwise change the difficulty of the level.

Changes from v1.6 to v1.7 (3/17/2021)

  • Changed the wording of our framerate guidelines.

  • Added a guideline that allows players to directly submit legacy records to the list team only if they were achieved before the level fell off the list and if they conform to today's eligibility guidelines.

  • Added a guideline that allows players to submit records that use a Type III or patched Type II skip as if they had achieved progress right before taking the skip.

  • Added a guideline that prohibits the use of shaders for record on the list.

Changes from v1.5 to v1.6 (1/31/2021)

  • Added statements that more clearly states the importance of clicks to the key takeaways and player checklist pages.

  • Removed the guideline about auto sections from Key Takeaways, as it was removed from the full guidelines in v1.5.

  • Added RGB icons and Fast Reset to the list of allowed hacks.

  • Added a guideline allowing players to adjust their framerate midway through an attempt, as long as it does not exceed their set maximum framerate.

  • Added a statement to Key Takeaways clarifying that we only accept Twitch highlights, not stream archives.

  • Added a guideline requiring records to be on the current version of the game.

  • Specified that any record without orb pulses requires an FPS counter. Records that have wave pulses but no orb pulses are not exempt from this guideline!

  • Added a guideline stating that the list team almost never retroactively rejects records after a guidelines update.

  • Clarified that players should send a NoClip run of a custom LDM to the list team so we can respond to their request quickly.

  • Expanded the texture pack guidelines to prohibit anything that makes the text of the endscreen unreadable.,

Changes from v1.4 to v1.5 (12/5/2020)

  • Transferred the original PDF document to the Pointercrate website, with similar organization to the documentation. The original PDF is now deprecated and will no longer be updated.

  • Removed the requirement for full raw footage with the Hide Attempt hack and changed it to a requirement for raw footage in general.

  • Given that these rules are now available for everyone on this website, adjusted the raw footage guidelines so that players need to provide raw footage along with their submission if they have it. The list team will not be reaching out as frequently for raw footage as we did previously, because it would often result in records staying as "Under Consideration" for far too long.

  • Added a requirement for an FPS counter for every record on a level with an "official" in-game song.

  • Clarified that if a list demon has a strong LDM built into the level, the list team will primarily consider opinions from those that use it, because it would represent the easiest "official" version of the level.

  • Added a guideline that includes a public confession as part of the procedure to turn an indefinite ban into a temporary ban.

  • Removed the guideline regarding removing auto sections, as it did not really serve much purpose. To keep the level length the same, players would have to replace an auto section with...another auto section. The level length guideline is now in the Custom LDMs section.

Changes from v1.3 to v1.4 (10/29/2020):

  • Added guidelines for creator lists and verifiers for list demons, including the various definitions of a “creator” and special privileges for megacollab hosts.

  • Added a guideline requiring players to respond to a team member’s request within three days before their record is automatically rejected. Responding later will not penalize players or impact the eligibility of their records in any way

  • Added a guideline allowing use of 360Hz only with proven possession of the monitor. This guideline transcends the traditional “hardware vs. software” argument because the lag and subsequent heavy LDMs required for 360fps bypass was determined to be too detrimental for the list to be acceptable.

  • Removed the hard requirement of raw footage for first submissions, replacing it with “strong encouragement.” Players that are obviously legit with proof such as streams, a handcam, etc. will likely be an exception. Players should still be sure to provide raw footage with their submissions, just in case!

  • Emphasized that records without clicks, a handcam, or a live stream are almost guaranteed to get rejected.

  • Added a guideline with understanding that changes to submission requirements may catch players off-guard. The list team may grant a one-time exception to these guidelines in these situations.

Changes from v1.2 to v1.3 (8/24/2020):

  • Added new guidelines for players submitting raw footage with their records. They fully describe the process players will need to follow to minimize the risk of a rejected record.

  • Clarified the texture pack guidelines to allow all packs that only change the appearance of the player icons (e.g. ship, ball, wave, etc.).

Changes from v1.1 to v1.2 (8/14/2020):

  • Added a guideline that allows Practice Mode records from 0% only with a visible FPS counter.

  • Changed the LDM guidelines to allow minor color changes whenever the original level causes problems to eyesight.

  • Added No Glow to the list of allowed hacks, since the same effect occurs with the in-game Low Detail Mode.

Changes from v1.0 to v1.1 (7/19/2020):

  • Changed the placement time limit from two months to one month.

  • Changed the Type I skip example to 3% on Sakupen Hell (since not many people are familiar with Freedom08).

  • Added the Hide Attempt hack as an allowed hack ONLY with full raw footage or a stream (changed to a general raw footage requirement in v1.5).

Section Links

These guidelines are split into two main sections: one that covers level placements and one that covers record management. Although each section of these guidelines is located in the table of contents to the right, we understand that the list is quite long, so a list of links to the important sections could be helpful.

Level Placements

Managing Records