Video Content

Each record must include a public video of the entire run. Players may submit an edited video as long as their raw footage meets all eligibility requirements.

All records must be achieved by a single player. This includes levels using the 2-player gamemode.

Submissions must include raw footage with isolated and audible clicks. More information about recording clicks can be found here.

Players who mistakenly exit the level or enable a banned hack midway through an attempt are still eligible to submit a record as if they had died at the percentage they reached. A run is also eligible for a record if it was achieved with a single attempt from 0% in Practice Mode.

2-Player Levels

Levels using the 2-player gamemode require a handcam showing both inputs to be present throughout the record attempt. This handcam must be present in the raw footage but may be excluded from the public video.


Skips are divided into three distinct classifications, ranging from insignificant orb skips to bypassing entire sections of the level. The eligibility of any skip will be decided by the list team. Players are highly encouraged to check with the List Team before using a skip!

Type I - Always Allowed

A Type I skip either barely affects difficulty or makes the level harder than intended while keeping the player on the normal path. A Type I skip will always be accepted, even after it is patched in the level on the servers.

Type II - Allowed if Not Patched

A Type II skip is longer or more significant than a Type I skip, but still does not significantly affect difficulty. Type II skips will be accepted unless they are patched in the level on the servers. Note that records previously accepted with a Type II skip will remain on the list unless its classification changes (see below).

Type III - Never Allowed

A Type III skip is significant enough to warrant rejecting a completion that uses it. This includes but is not limited to taking a “secret way” or bypassing the hardest part(s) of the level. Players may submit a progress record up to the percent they used a Type III skip.

Changing Skip Classifications

Although this is uncommon, the List Team may reevaluate the classification of a skip. Records may only be removed if the corresponding skip is now considered a Type III skip. Similarly, records using a skip may be subsequently added if it ends up being less severe compared to our initial evaluation.

Fixing Bugs

Bug fixes may be acceptable for gameplay that is made impossible or unreasonably more difficult by physics changes or certain framerates. Players should always verify custom bug fixes with the list team before using them!

Illegal Bug Fixes

Be aware of the differences between bugs and general inconsistencies! Using illegal bug fixes will cause your record to be rejected.

Submitting an illegal bug fix alone is not grounds for a player ban; however, repeatedly submitting prohibited bug fixes prior to clearing them with the team may result in a player ban.

Custom Speed Changes

Players are allowed to add speed changes at transitions to adjust the sync of the level if and only if all difficulty remains unchanged. Any player that manually adds speed changes to a level should clear it with the List Team before submitting a record.

Eligibility of Hacks

Although the list team allows certain hacks for records on the list, players may not submit records obtained using hacks designed to affect the gameplay in any way. Please refer to this spreadsheet for a list of allowed hacks for records on the Demon List.

Enabling or disabling allowed hacks to change the difficulty of the level is considered a loophole and will be rejected!

Mega Hack v7+

In addition to using only allowed hacks, users of Mega Hack v7 and above must follow additional requirements: - Cheat indicator on endscreen must remain enabled - The FPS counter built into Mega Hack must be enabled

Using Exploits

In-game bugs and exploits which make levels significantly easier are generally not allowed for list records.

Pause Buffering

Using pause buffering to precisely time inputs or to bypass spam-based gameplay is not allowed. Note that this does not ban pausing the game or pause-based strategies possible before 2.2.

Smooth Fix

A completion which is significantly slowed by the in-game Smooth Fix option is considered equivalent to a speedhacked completion and would not be eligible for the list. However, as long as the player does not hide their use of Smooth Fix, a rejected record will not result in the player getting banned.

Framerate Guidelines

For Geometry Dash update 2.2 and beyond, players are permitted to use any framerate.

For any version released before 2.2, players must use an FPS counter and their framerate must remain at or below 360FPS, regardless of monitor refresh rate. Additionally, players are not permitted to change FPS values midway through a record. Although we will reject pre-2.2 records that do not have an FPS counter, a player will not be banned unless they attempt to lie about their framerate.

Gameplay Changes

In general, records are not eligible for the list if gameplay is changed in any way from the original level.


Records that do not show the in-game endscreen after completing a level will not be eligible for the list. The endscreen text should also be easily readable by the viewer. However, game crashes during the endscreen animation will serve as an exception to this rule.

Game Version

Any record that was not achieved on the current version of the game or the version in which the level was verified will not be accepted to the list.

Note that this guideline permits records achieved on private servers (e.g., the 1.9 GDPS) as long as the list demon was originally verified and published on the server as well.

Under Consideration Records

Records are marked as Under Consideration if a run is suspected to be illegitimate, if a certain aspect of a legitimate run may not be acceptable under current guidelines, or if a record cannot be thoroughly checked. If your record is marked as UC, check if the list team has contacted you for further information.

High Suspicion

A record may be rejected due to high suspicion of a hacked completion, but a player will not be banned unless conclusive evidence of illegitimacy is found.

As such, players are encouraged to include strong indicators of a legitimate completion, such as moderate to high video quality, streams, and/or progress videos.

A player that refuses to provide evidence to support their legitimacy when requested will be assumed to have hacked one or more completions and will be consequently banned. If a team member requests evidence that you do not possess, the corresponding record will likely be rejected, but a player ban will not be considered unless this repeatedly occurs.