Level Eligibility

A level must be rated Demon in-game in order to be considered for placement on the Demon List. By using RobTop's rating system as a standard for list placement, we avoid the otherwise inevitable scenario of the list being filled with nearly impossible challenges or "joke" levels. At no point will there ever be a list that covers unrated levels, as it would be highly variable and difficult to maintain.

Although the Legacy List contains levels that are easier than anything in the Extended List, a level must be considered harder than the easiest Extended List demon in order to be placed. The only way for levels to be added to the Legacy List is when a current list demon no longer qualifies for the top 150.

In addition, the list focuses on levels completed by a single player, even if the level itself uses the 2-player gamemode. For instance, "Codependence" was originally verified by two players but was not placed until it had been completed by a single player.

A rated level is only guaranteed to be considered if it has a corresponding legitimate verification video. Levels with hacked verifications that remain rated may be placed as long as it has at least one legitimate victor. Level hosts may choose to identify this victor as the official verifier per our verifier guidelines.

Verifiers must also provide the same proof as a normal victor would. This means that the verifier must provide valid raw footage that meets all of the guidelines outlined on this website. If the verifier fails to provide proper proof, the level will listed without a verifier. The first player to beat the level meeting the current proof standards may be listed as the official verifier.

Timing of Placements

The list team strives to place list-worthy levels as efficiently as possible; we want to place them accurately without sacrificing too much time gathering opinions.

For each rated level believed to be list-worthy, we seek out opinions from each victor in an effort to determine a consensus for a placement. If a level receives enough victors for us to determine a consensus with little variation, it will promptly be placed on the Demon List. More details regarding our analysis of opinion sheets can be found in these guidelines.

Even if the level does not have a clear consensus, or if the opinions have a lot of variability, we may still place it if it becomes clear that no new victors will emerge anytime soon. We place levels in this manner to encourage more players to complete them for list points, but these placements are likely to change when we start seeing new victors with updated opinions.

We will place a list-worthy level no more than one month after it gets rated in-game, even if it has little to no victors. Levels using the 2-player gamemode may be subject to an extended deadline to more accurately gauge difficulty.

Please note that these guidelines does not apply to levels with a hacked verification; the one-month timeline for a hacked level begins after it receives its first legitimate victor.

In addition, this one-month timeline will reset if the level receives an update with a legitimate verification, regardless of whether it was placed prior to the update.

Moving Levels

Placing a level on the list often results in it receiving new victors as players attempt to beat it for list points. As such, several of the new victors may say that the level should be either raised or lowered from its initial position. If we hear of multiple victors for a level suggesting its reevaluation, we will begin to collect opinions from recent victors and add them to the initial opinion list.

We will also begin collecting new opinions if the level receives a legitimately verified update that noticeably alters its difficulty.

Opinion Lists for Movements

The analysis of an opinion list for existing list demons works similarly to how we determine new placements. However, greater caution is exercised in cases of high variation. If a placed level has split opinions (for example, several people find it underrated, while several others find it overrated) from new victors, it is unlikely that the level will be moved unless a stronger consensus appears.

Creator Lists

Each level page on the website features a list of creators, which consists of those considered to have made a significant contribution to the gameplay and/or decoration. In general, the list team only adds creators that created "standalone" parts for the level; their contributions must not merely append to the work of another creator. For example, a creator that makes the block design for a part in the level will likely be credited, but someone that adds glow to every decorated structure will not. This guideline applies to both gameplay and decoration.

In some cases, other individuals that played a major role in the level’s development may also be credited on the creator list. This guideline includes level hosts and optimization teams, but does not include playtesters. Other "edge cases" in which the contribution may or may not be significant enough to qualify will be handled by the list team on a case-by-case basis.

In addition, a qualifying part for the creator list must serve as a reasonable route to complete the level in question. In general, the verification route will be the one considered "official" in regard to generating a creator list. Some levels contain offscreen parts that have unique creators but are not featured in the level's completion route. These creators will not be credited on the level page.

Host Privileges

Some list demons are “megacollabs” with a designated host. If the original verifier of a list demon megacollab is removed from the stats viewer, the host of the collab has the right to change the verifier as if the level had not been released yet. A corresponding legitimate completion will be counted as a verification on the level's webpage.