Submitting a Record

In order to submit a record, you must include a video and raw footage that showcases yourself completing an uncut run. The progress for a submitted record must be greater than or equal to the minimum progress requirement for the level, which can be found on each level’s page.

The video must be available on YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, or Bilibili in order for it to be added to the list. For Twitch, highlights are the only acceptable form of video proof. The link you provide must also be a “well-formed” URL.

Using the submission form to send records for other players is strongly discouraged. Users that submit joke records will be banned from submitting any additional records.

Legacy Records

Records are not accepted for levels that have fallen into the legacy list.

A legacy record may be considered for addition if proof exists that the record was achieved before the level entered the legacy list. However, it is not possible to submit legacy records using the submission form, so players may send these to the list team through our Discord server.

All submitted records will be considered under modern submission guidelines. As such, players should note that records that were eligible for the list at the time of completion may not be eligible under today’s standards.

Adding a Record

Submitted records are automatically assigned an ID number based on when they were submitted. The oldest submitted records are generally checked first; however, records are occasionally added out of order, so seeing another record getting added before yours does not necessarily mean your record was rejected.

Players can check the status of their record by re-submitting it on the submission form or by checking their profile in the User Area.

Under Consideration Records

Under consideration indicates that the list team is not immediately sure whether the record is acceptable, but it does not necessarily mean there is suspicion of hacking.

In many cases, the list team will reach out for additional information regarding a record marked as under consideration. A player has three days to respond to each request from a list team member before their record will be automatically rejected. However, a player may still reach out to a team member after this deadline for their record to be reconsidered.

Rejected Records

If a submitted record does not satisfy the submission guidelines listed here, the record will be rejected.

A list team member will often include a Public Note regarding the reasons for rejection, which can be viewed in the User Area. If you believe your record was wrongfully rejected, or if you have additional evidence to share with us, feel free to reach out to a team member!

Level Updates

An update to a level that significantly increases its difficulty will cause all existing records for the level to be removed. Records will be maintained if the level maintains a similar difficulty or is nerfed.

Any update to a level which changes its difficulty will invalidate all previous versions for future records on the list. Previous versions for levels that receive minor updates, such as those that fix bugs in the gameplay, will still be acceptable for list records.

Patched Skips

Many updates remove skips that had been accepted for records on the original version. Existing records will never be affected after a level update fixes one or more skips.

The only other change that may take place is for a fixed Type II skip, in which future records that use it will no longer be accepted.

New or Updated LDMs

A level may be updated to include a strong LDM or “Ultra” LDM that would not normally be accepted.

Records that were rejected for a strong LDM before such an update will be re-considered for addition to the list in accordance to the new LDM on the rated level.

Player Bans

Any player that posts an illegitimate (hacked) record while passing it off as legitimate will be banned from the stats viewer.

Each ban will be indefinite until the player confesses to the list team and publicly identifies their illegitimate videos as hacked. In addition, a player publicly encouraging the use of any hacking methods will be treated as if they submitted a record that used them. The length of the ban after confession is dependent on the severity of the infraction, the quantity of hacked records, and any attempts to prolong the investigation.

Any player that continues to hack after or while being banned will be subject to significantly increased or permanent ban times.

Alternate and ‘Qwer’ Accounts

Alternate accounts are prohibited for players that have already submitted records under a different name. If a player is caught with more than one account on the list, the alternate account(s) will be removed, and the original account will be banned indefinitely until the owner publicly confesses.

In addition, the list team prohibits ‘qwer’ accounts where multiple players submit records under a single name. These accounts will be banned permanently, and the players involved will be banned indefinitely until each one publicly confesses.

Manual Record Removal

Any player who has records on the list may request for them to be removed at any time and for any reason. To prevent abuse of this system, records may not be re-added to the list for two weeks after their removal, and records may not be removed again for two weeks after they are re-added.

If the player is a verifier of one or more list demons, they will still be listed as such on the level pages. However, they will remain invisible on the stats viewer.

Please be aware that the submission form will say that you are banned from the stats viewer if you have requested record removal.