Raw Footage

The submission form on this website includes a Raw Footage section in which players may include links to unedited video files for their records. Players are required - for every record - to provide valid raw footage in this section to support their legitimacy. Players may also include a link to raw footage in the description of the submitted video; however, please be sure to include a note directing the team member to where they may find your raw footage!

To reiterate - We require players to provide raw footage that follow the guidelines below for every record they submit. It is vital for players to double-check raw footage links before submitting each record, as we will reject all records that do not include valid video files. By not providing raw footage, you acknowledge that you do not have any to provide, and you recognize that your record will be rejected!


Raw footage is one of the most important aspects of ensuring that a record can be added to the list, so players should keep in mind the definitions and guidelines that apply to it! In general, “raw footage” is defined as the original file taken from the player’s recording software, without any edits, trims, or anything else modifying the file. These edits include but are not limited to trimming the video, editing in the in-game music, and compressing the file in any way.


If the raw footage contains any cuts or splices in the video or audio, it will usually be rendered invalid and will not be considered when evaluating the corresponding record. However, minor edits such as censoring or blurring personal information may be permitted. If you plan to intentionally submit edited raw footage for the purposes of censoring personal information, please describe the situation in as much detail as necessary in the Notes section so we can take it into account!

Please note that, in most cases, we would still need unedited raw footage in order to accept a record. If this is the case, any personal information will be kept confidential and will not influence our evaluation of the record in any way!

Requirements for Raw Footage

Players should be fully aware that providing unedited raw footage with each record is absolutely required. Records that do not include an accessible link to a raw footage file will be rejected! Even so, players should also note that having a valid raw footage file is not a guarantee that the record will be accepted! It is a very important part of the process, but other guidelines, including having audible clicks and showing the in-game end screen, are equally important for a record to be accepted!

The guidelines below describe important information for uploading a video file and sharing it through the submission form. Any questions regarding these guidelines should be directed towards a team member!

File Sharing

In order to verify that the raw footage is completely unedited, we ask that players use Google Drive to share their raw footage files with us. Even if the original file was uploaded to YouTube and then downloaded again, YouTube’s automatic video compression makes such verification unreliable. As such, we will never accept YouTube URLs as valid raw footage for a record unless they link to an unedited live stream. Players can share Google Drive files by following this procedure:

  1. Ensure that the video file has the correct format (.mp4, .mov, .mkv, etc.)
  2. Right-click the video file
  3. Select “Get Sharable Link”
  4. In the pop-up menu, change “Restricted” to “Anyone with the link”
  5. Copy the link and include it in the “Raw Footage” submission field!

Invalid raw footage links will be considered equivalent to a failure to provide raw footage, which will result in a rejected record. This includes cases with Google Drive links that are not properly shared, so players should be sure they have fully followed the above process before submitting their records! However, players can always reach out to us with a valid raw footage link for any rejected record, and we will promptly reconsider the submission.

File Size

Players should not worry about file size – the most important guideline to follow is that the uploaded video is the original file from the recording software. A raw footage of 5 to 15 minutes at moderately high quality is usually recommended; however, there is no maximum or minimum file size or video length necessary for raw footage to be considered.

Videos that are exceptionally long may exceed the free Google Drive storage limit (15GB); if this is the case, please reach out to a member of the List Team for help! We have an official Gmail account for raw footage that has additional storage space, and players are permitted to log onto this account for the purposes of uploading these files.

Please note that this account may only be used for uploading raw footage, and abuse of this system will not be tolerated. We recommend using clipping software such as OBS Replay Buffer or Shadowplay Instant Replay for players who wish to avoid large file sizes.

Live Streams

Players that use live streams to record their progress on a level may wish to not record a separate video file for performance purposes. In these cases, a link to the unedited live stream is an acceptable alternative to raw footage, but players should be prepared to prove that the stream is unedited if asked to do so! One possible method of verifying an unedited live stream is by showing a case of chat interaction.

Handcams and Liveplays


Although the list team does not require it for most levels, raw footage may also contain a handcam. A handcam for this purpose is defined as a clear, continuous view of the player’s input device (e.g. a mouse) during the majority of the session. Raw footage with a handcam will greatly support the player’s legitimacy because they are considerably difficult to fake in a hacked record.

In order to verify that a record was achieved by a single player, levels using the 2-player gamemode require a handcam to be present throughout raw footage!


Similarly, raw footage may include a "liveplay", in which an external camera records the computer screen for the entire session. Liveplays will be considered as additional evidence for a record only if the input device is visible during the majority of the recording. Liveplays that do not show an input device will not necessarily be rejected; they will simply be considered equivalent to a screen-recorded video. Similarly to a handcam, including a valid liveplay as raw footage will greatly support the legitimacy of a record.

Players that wish to record liveplays should be aware that poor viewing angles could result in low visibility of the monitor screen. This may result in a rejected record, even if it is otherwise legitimate. If you have any concerns regarding the visibility of a liveplay setup, please do not hesitate to reach out to a team member for assistance!