User Area

Pointercrate features a User Area in which players may create a profile associated with their player on the Demon List. Features such as setting a player location, checking record status, and locking submissions from other players can be accessed here!

Any questions regarding claiming a player using your Pointercrate account or using the User Area should be directed to the staff at Pointercrate Central. Please read the pinned messages in this server before submitting a player claim!

Recording Clicks

Any record that does not include audible click sounds will be rejected.

Additionally, click sounds must be on their own audio track in the raw footage. If you are unable to record with multiple audio tracks, you may also choose to record your clicks without desktop audio or use another device. Records with raw footage from livestreams, liveplays, or mobile devices are exempt from this requirement; however, providing a recording with isolated clicks is strongly recommended.

Below are some examples of effective software for recording both video and clicks, though you may use other programs as well.

For PC:

  • OBS
  • ShadowPlay (NVIDIA GeForce)
  • AMD ReLive

For Mobile:

  • iOS Built-in Recorder
  • Record It! (iOS)
  • Android Built-in Recorder, if available
  • DU Recorder (Android)
  • Mobizen (Android)
  • XRecorder (Android)

Separately Recording Clicks

Players may record clicks using a separate device such as a phone or other audio recorder. Audio recording software is also permitted; however, players are not allowed to use Audacity for recording clicks. Players that choose to do this should submit a Google Drive folder in the “Raw Footage” field containing both the raw footage and the raw audio file.

If you have any questions about recording clicks, feel free to reach out to a team member through our Discord server!

Loopholes and Exceptions


Although these guidelines aim to cover all things Demon List related, they are not necessarily exhaustive and may be changed in the future. Any player that attempts to evade these guidelines via a loophole in the wording of any rule will be subject to the same punishment as if that rule was broken.

Guideline Exceptions

Whenever a new guideline is released, we understand that players may be unaware of recent changes. On a case-by-case basis, the list team may decide to grant a one-time exception for these scenarios and inform the player of what should be done in the future. Asking the team for an exception does not increase your likelihood of receiving one!

Updates to Guidelines

Over time, we are likely to update the guidelines that a record must follow to qualify for the list. However, the list team will almost never retroactively reject old records following a guidelines update.

Any major updates will be announced in our Discord server, so join there to stay up to date!

Usernames and Nationalities

Players who wish to change their name or nationality on the Stats Viewer should send a request in the #player-requests channel of our Discord server or contact a list moderator. Some countries also include political subdivisions which players may request as well. Note that players should be a resident or citizen of the country they represent.

The User Area also includes a player location feature, in which players may geolocate their location to be associated with their name on the Stats Viewer. Any abuse of this system (e.g. blatantly fabricating your location) will result in permanent exclusion from this feature.

Allowed Hacks / Mods

The following spreadsheet details the hacks and modifications that we allow for records submitted to the list. Players should assume that any hack that is not on this list is not allowed. If you have any questions or believe that something should be added to this list, feel free to contact us through our Discord server!

List of Allowed Hacks