Existing LDMs


Completing a level with an LDM built into the rated version on the servers will always be acceptable for records on the list.

LDMs published by a level’s creator are also acceptable for records as long as they match the gameplay of the rated version.

Pointercrate Account

Custom LDMs of several list demons are uploaded on the Geometry Dash account named “Pointercrate”. Records on any level published on the Pointercrate account will always be eligible for the list. Note that Pointercrate LDMs may be updated, so make sure to play on the most recent version of the level!

Custom LDMs

Players are strongly advised to clear any custom LDMs with the team before using them, especially if an LDM for the level already exists. Strong level LDMs may be considered nerfs, which violates our guidelines for gameplay changes.

Using a custom LDM carries the risk of a rejected record! Even if an LDM has been approved in the past, it is always recommended to ask the list team whether it is still acceptable. Players may refer to our LDM spreadsheet for a list of approved LDMs.

Custom LDM Guidelines

A custom LDM may not delete or otherwise alter any object that obstructs the player’s vision. All gameplay must be kept exactly the same as the original level.

No part of the LDM should look visually “empty” compared to the original level.

The length of the LDM should be the exact same as the original level.

Player Altered Decoration

Altered decoration that affects difficulty in any way, adds an unnecessary amount of clutter, or contains hate speech will lead to a record rejection.

Texture Packs and Shaders

Texture Packs

Any texture packs that make the gameplay of the level easier by altering decoration are prohibited for records on the list.

Texture packs that visibly alter hitboxes (e.g. spikes, but not player icons) to make them perceptively easier to avoid are also disallowed.

In addition, players should not use texture packs that make the text within the in-game endscreen impossible to read.


A shader is generally defined as any external software that alters the visuals of the game (e.g. glow, motion blur). The use of any shader is prohibited for records on the list.