Level Eligibility

A level must be rated in-game and must be considered harder than the current demon placed at #150 in order to be placed on the Demon List.

All levels must be legitimately verified by a single player, including solo verifications of 2-player levels. Levels will only be placed if proof of verification is provided to the list team, and this proof must meet our current standards for record eligibility.

Rated levels without verification proof can also be placed once completed by another player, regardless of verification rights.

Timing of Placements

We will place a list-worthy level no more than one month after it gets rated in-game. Levels using the 2-player gamemode may be subject to an extended deadline.

Please note that this guideline does not apply to levels with a hacked verification; the one-month timeline for a hacked level begins after it receives its first legitimate victor. In addition, this one-month timeline will reset if the level receives an update with a legitimate verification.

Moving Levels

Once a level receives more victors, the list team may create a new opinion sheet to see if the level should be moved up or down on the demon list. New opinions will also be collected if a level receives an update that noticeably alters its difficulty.

Creator Lists

In general, the list team only adds creators that created “standalone” parts for a level; their contributions must not merely append to the work of another creator. This applies to both gameplay and decoration.

Other individuals that played a major role in the level’s development may also be credited on the creator list, which includes level hosts and optimization teams, but does not include playtesters. Other cases in which the contribution may or may not be significant enough to qualify will be handled by the list team on a case-by-case basis.

Some levels may contain offscreen parts that have unique creators but are not featured in the level’s completion route. These creators will not be credited on the level page.

Host Privileges

If the original verifier of a list demon is removed from the stats viewer, the host of the level has the right to change the listed verifier to another player with a legitimate completion. In the case of a hacked verification, the first legitimate victor of the level may also choose to be listed as the verifier.