Player Checklist

Although the key takeaways in these guidelines are still important for players to know, this checklist summarizes the most essential steps players should take to maximize their chances of getting their record approved!

  • If you can, complete the level on the rated version on the servers or on an "official" copy uploaded to the Pointercrate account.

  • If you need to beat the level on a copy for any reason, clear it with the list team first! This includes but is not limited to LDMs and bug fixes.

  • If you have an LDM that needs to be checked, please share a NoClip run with the list team to help us respond quickly to your request!

  • If you'd like to use a skip, check to see if it's used in a completion already accepted to the list. If not, please get it approved by the list team before proceeding!

  • Do not skip the endscreen after a completion! This will warrant an immediate rejection of your record. In addition, make sure you're not using a texture pack that makes the endscreen text hard to read.

  • You can use a framerate up to 360FPS, but be sure to include an FPS counter if you use a framerate above 300FPS!

  • If you've turned off orb pulses or are playing a level with an "official" in-game song, be sure to turn on an FPS counter!

  • Include raw footage with your record, especially if it's your first time submitting or don't have clicks!

  • If you don't provide raw footage with your submission, do not delete it until your record is accepted! If we need raw footage and it's not provided, we'll reject the record initially, but players can reach out to us to provide raw footage at any time if they have it.

  • It is crucial that you include clicks in your completion video or raw footage! Failure to provide clicks will significantly increase the likelihood of a rejected record.

  • When you include clicks in your video, be sure that they're clearly audible to the viewer! Barely audible clicks are considered equivalent to no clicks and require corresponding raw footage.

  • If you're recording a liveplay (e.g. with your phone camera), be sure to have the monitor screen and input device clearly visible in the video!

Loopholes and Exceptions


Although these guidelines aim to cover a wide variety of aspects to the Demon List, these rules are not necessarily exhaustive and may require re-wording in the future.

Any player that attempts to evade these guidelines via a loophole in the wording of any given rule will be subject to the same punishment as if that rule was broken.

Guideline Exceptions

Whenever a new guideline is released, we understand that players may mistakenly overlook new policies, especially in regard to record submission.

On a case-by-case basis, the list team may decide to grant a one-time exception for these scenarios while explicitly telling the player the necessary procedures to follow in the future. Asking the team for an exception does not increase your likelihood of receiving one!

Players should be sure to monitor the changelog for these guidelines to ensure that no important changes are missed! Any major changes will also be announced in our Discord server.

Updates to Guidelines

Over time, we are likely to add new guidelines detailing the criteria that a record must meet to qualify for the list. However, some records may not fit the current submission guidelines because they were still acceptable at the time of submission.

However, the list team will almost never retroactively reject old records following a guidelines update, because it would not be fair to the record holders who followed the guidelines in place at the time.

Using the Nationality Feature

The Stats Viewer on this website includes a nationality feature, in which players may request a nationality to be associated with their name.

Any abuse of this system (e.g. blatantly fabricating a country of origin) will result in permanent exclusion from this feature.

Allowed Hacks

The following list details the hacks (from the "Mega Hack") that we allow for records submitted to the list. Players should assume that any hack that is not on this list is not allowed. If you believe that something should be added this list, feel free to contact us through our Discord server!

  • FPS Bypass (up to 360FPS)
  • Accurate Percentage Hack
  • 4GB Patch
  • Editor Hack (for fixing approved bugs only, not LDMs)
  • No Pulse (with an FPS counter)
  • No Wave Pulse
  • Wave Pulse Size (only to decrease the wave pulse size - increasing the size is not allowed!)
  • No Particles Hack
  • No Transition
  • No Glow
  • Trail Always Off
  • Trail Always On (only if the level does not include a section with the Hide Player trigger)
  • Inversed Trail
  • Percentage Only
  • Hide Pause Button
  • Ignore ESC
  • Random Icons
  • Hide Attempt Hack (Raw footage is required)
  • RGB Icons
  • Fast Reset