Record Management

This section explains the rules and guidelines players should know when completing a list demon and submitting a record for it. Many of the frequently asked questions regarding how we handle records for the Demon List are answered within this section!

However, it would be unreasonable to expect players to read through every point here and understand them all immediately. Even so, there are still some important rules that players need to know, especially regarding topics such as LDMs, fixing bugs, and raw footage. In addition to the links for the more specific sections, we've included a short webpage detailing the most important information for new players looking to submit a record. This link is also available at the bottom of the submission form. By submitting a record to the list, you acknowledge everything you see here! If you are confused regarding a particular guideline, please reach out to the list team through our Discord server!

Submitting a Record

In order to submit a record for any given progress on a level (including 100%), you must include a video that showcases yourself completing an uncut run. The progress for a submitted record on a level must also be greater than or equal to the minimum progress requirement for the level, which can be found on the level’s information screen on this website.

The video must be available on YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, Everyplay, or Bilibili in order for it to be added to the list. Pointercrate does not currently support videos outside of these five sources, so there are no exceptions to this guideline. For Twitch in particular, stream archives are automatically removed after two weeks, so highlights are the only acceptable form of video proof. The links you provide must also be "well-formed" URLs; examples of proper formatting can be found in this section of the documentation.

Players are advised to exercise caution when privatising or removing a video from their channels. If a list team member asks for additional proof for your completion and you do not have these videos available for sharing, it may be considered a refusal to provide evidence and could get all your standing records removed.

Using the submission form to send records for other players is strongly discouraged. Each submitter has an anonymous ID number, so we are able to detect any discrepancies. Any user that submits a record as a joke will be immediately banned from submitting any additional records. Please note, however, that this is not the same as a player ban from the stats viewer on Pointercrate.

Legacy Records

By default, the submission form on Pointercrate does not accept records for levels that have fallen off the extended list. However, players are permitted to submit records for Legacy demons that were achieved before the level entered the Legacy List.

A record will be considered for addition if the timestamp on the corresponding video refers to a time in which the level was still on the Demon List. However, it is not possible for players to submit them using the submission form on the website, so the recommended way to send these to the list team is through our Discord server.

Although these records are usually much older than most submissions, all submitted records will be considered under modern submission guidelines. As such, players should note that records that were eligible for the list at the time of completion may not be eligible under today's standards, and they would be rejected in this case.

Adding a Record

When a player submits a record on Pointercrate, it is automatically assigned an ID number based on when it was submitted. Records are generally checked in ascending order of ID to ensure the records submitted less recently are checked first.

However, the list team may occasionally add records to the list manually. These additions are completely independent from the normal process of checking records, so seeing another player’s record getting added before yours does not necessarily mean your record was rejected. Players can check the status of their record by re-submitting it on the website.

Under Consideration Records

A player may check the status of their submission and see that the record is under consideration. This classification means that the list team is not immediately sure whether the record is acceptable, and it does not necessarily mean that we're suspicious of hacking. This section delineates the possible causes for this additional review, and what you can do as a player to speed up the process.

In many cases, the list team will reach out for additional information regarding a record marked as under consideration. A player has three days to respond to such a request from a list team member before their record will be automatically rejected. However, a player may still reach out to a team member after this deadline for their record to be reconsidered.

Manual Record Removal

In certain cases, a player may not want to be included on the stats viewer, so any player who has records on the list may request for them to be removed at any time and for any reason.

To prevent abuse of this system, records may not be re-added to the list for two weeks after their removal, and records may not be removed again for two weeks after they are re-added.

To maintain accuracy on the page for each level, if the player requesting a record removal is a verifier of one or more list demons, they will still be listed as such on the level page. However, they will remain invisible on the stats viewer.

Please be aware that when submitting a record for a player that requested record removal, the submission form will notify you that they are banned from the stats viewer. Although the removal is treated as a ban in the internal database, the list team does not hold requested record removal against any player in any way. The player will maintain their previous ban history if they choose to have their records re-added to the list.