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By Mazl and
more Mazl, Sunnet, Tundra, Manix648, IAres, Orion, Rob Buck, Chipzz, LazerBlitz, haoN, Asonicmen, Skipnotz, Willy, GDSpeed, Fabman
, published by Mazl, verified by Quantum

Awesome collab with many people! Verified by Quantum. Check him out! Insane demon ? PW on my channel :)


94 records registered, out of which 71 are 100%
Record Holder Progress Video Proof
TGI 100%
Electronisse 100%
SirQuack 100%
Ninetales 100%
Kiantheboss 100%
SrGuillester 100%
SiggiRich 100%
Skullo 100%
iNeo 100%
Zeroya 100%
Meatius 100%
Cyster 100%
WormFodder 100%
Epsilonic 100%
Coffee081 100%
Crazen 100%
MlgTyler GD 100%
Technical 100%
jbmoon 100%
KoryGD 100%
Elselor 100%
Railblazer 100%
Kapinapi 100%
Pushenka 100%
Tricks33 100%
PalakorCZ 100%
Gabs 100%
MaxiS9 100%
Conra 100%
Slypp 100%
DiamondSplash 100%
DelTell 100%
VoltStormGD 100%
AzaFTW 100%
BoldStep 100%
iIiViRuZiIi 100%
RicoLP 100%
NANOzz 100%
BrianTheBurger 100%
Pakki 100%
Luqualizer 100%
Kevelia 100%
Pablohh 100%
Nexus 100%
Mullsy 100%
Arquas 100%
Lp_man 100%
xander556 100%
Invader 100%
SirHc 100%
1amP1ay3R 100%
HequinoX 100%
Xec 100%
Le Roi 100%
Sowun 100%
SuperSNSD 100%
Marker 100%
TomPP 100%
xMrAngel 100%
MySpeed 100%
AzathothGD 100%
Slai 100%
Puddingtyp 100%
AlexTheMFDerpPlayz 100%
Ramppi 100%
Lurox 100%
zNovaGD 100%
Timebomb 100%
Skibble 100%
Horizon 100%
Skulzi 100%
Bloodshot 88%
Cairo 88%
Matrix96 88%
Ecl1psed 76%
Zephal 74%
TwinnedGerm6 70%
CarlosisGD 65%
Pizzaroot 63%
Illuminati6 62%
Edgar123 57%
Lachurs (replacing lachy3923) 57%
M3gaDash 56%
ReXenDr 54%
Aciitm1 54%
CrePusCule 53%
Overowned 52%
Grayderp 52%
kamil20016 51%
Ginger Dash 51%
XtremeDude 49%
lachy3923 49%
JAJA1706 49%
Angelbaton 49%

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  • Anyone posting illegitimate recordings (hacked, cut, stolen, autod, noclipped, etc.) and passing them off as legit will have all their records removed from this list.
  • Demons need to be rated to be included on this list.
  • If you created a level on this list, your record for it won't be included unless you originally hacked it and the new record is legit.
  • If a record has been added, is it legit and was either streamed or has a full video uploaded.
  • The record holder must meet the percentage requirement in order to be added to the list for that level.
  • Please don't complain about a level's placement. If we think that a level should be moved or removed, we will see to it. You may politely suggest a different placement for a level, but we probably won't listen if you're rude or forceful about it.
  • Being in a group in which people beat levels for the same channel can cause your records to be temporarily removed from the list.
  • Until further notice, records made using the FPS bypass are not accepted!

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