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by AirSwipe, KrmaL and AncientAnubis, verified and published by KrmaL

Level started in late 1.9, finally finished with the help of ancientanubis and AirSwipe. 10k+ attempts to verify. Enjoy and rate demon :^)


100% required to qualify

47 records registered, out of which 34 are 100%
Record Holder Progress Video Proof
Komic 100%
Sunix 100%
WormFodder 100%
Enzuu 100%
Th31 100%
Dorami 100%
Rainstorm 100%
Stilluetto 100%
Sowun 100%
Colorbolt 100%
Artumanka 100%
TGM05 100%
BlackWolfJake 100%
TheJaco9 100%
R3YGA 100%
Poemi 100%
Slypp 100%
Marker 100%
rWooshi 100%
Wezl 100%
Riot 100%
Luqualizer 100%
Powerbomb 100%
xMrAngel 100%
TomPP 100%
DiamondDark 100%
Zylenox 100%
AlexTheMFDerpPlayz 100%
Skullo 100%
iNeo 100%
Nexus 100%
EroGamer 100%
BoldStep 100%
tin15cro 100%
Dragun YT 99%
Xircinuz 81%
LuigiClaren 80%
Xircinus 66%
GK Aliago 63%
DankBean 61%
iIChamchiIi 61%
Josepi 57%
Dark Kitty 54%
Amerebe (Amrb) 54%
Cutter 50%
Trees 50%

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  • Demons need to be rated to be included on this list.
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