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The Hell Factory

by TeamN2, verified by Powerbomb


100% required to qualify

87 records registered, out of which 68 are 100%
Record Holder Progress Video Proof
Classic Jeff 100%
Surv 100%
Brandon Larkin 100%
Ecl1psed 100%
knobbelboy 100%
Quantum 100%
RpgRaketti 100%
MaxiS9 100%
BlassCFB 100%
Koreaqwer 100%
GuitarHeroStyles 100%
PeanutPickle 100%
ByMatt 100%
Superex 100%
GDSean 100%
iNeo 100%
KrmaL 100%
Satcho 100%
Tixi 100%
Herdys 100%
Sandstorm 100%
HackMan617 100%
Sowun 100%
Golden 100%
MirQ 100%
Zulrah 100%
xTetra 100%
Pablohh 100%
MrSpaghetti 100%
Gabs 100%
Skibble 100%
Marius333 100%
Rainstorm 100%
Roby GD 100%
Evilseph83 100%
Timebomb 100%
Eiruni 100%
Pakki 100%
DiamondSplash 100%
Sunix 100%
ElFranz 100%
Ninetales 100%
Sebquero11 100%
TrusTa 100%
Slypp 100%
MatiasGD 100%
Jumper 100%
STARxd 100%
Metalface221 100%
Luksa 100%
Zephal 100%
Molni 100%
rWooshi 100%
Zalgaryth 100%
Emerdy 100%
HeShBaGeL 100%
Hotball1 100%
SrGuillester 100%
Scr4mZ 100%
BoldStep 100%
Marker 100%
DiamondDark 100%
AlexTheMFDerpPlayz 100%
Skullo 100%
JoePlays 100%
WhiteDwarf 100%
Puddingtyp 100%
Kevelia 100%
Agaloth 84%
Sonic80 83%
TheBestSwirl 81%
CADIIZ15 72%
Electronisse 70%
Sylz 70%
Poemi 68%
ShdewZ 67%
Zerex 66%
Matias 66%
TehTactiq 66%
EpicWiiGamer 66%
Kiantheboss 66%
Dirisone97 66%
Snowr33de 66%
Quasar 66%
Horizon 65%
StuntMetal 63%

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  • Anyone posting illegitimate recordings (hacked, cut, stolen, autod, noclipped, etc.) and passing them off as legit will have all their records removed from this list.
  • Demons need to be rated to be included on this list.
  • If you created a level on this list, your record for it won't be included unless you originally hacked it and the new record is legit.
  • If a record has been added, is it legit and was either streamed or has a full video uploaded.
  • The record holder must meet the percentage requirement in order to be added to the list for that level.
  • Please don't complain about a level's placement. If we think that a level should be moved or removed, we will see to it. You may politely suggest a different placement for a level, but we probably won't listen if you're rude or forceful about it.
  • Being in a group in which people beat levels for the same channel can cause your records to be temporarily removed from the list.
  • Until further notice, records made using the FPS bypass are not accepted!

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Note: Please do not submit nonsense, it only makes it harder for us all. Thanks for your understanding.

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