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Arctic Arena

By Eclipsed and
more Eclipsed, ZkadliX, AlexPG, Terron, BananaMuffin, Bennxt, Nahuel2998, Marwec, Vindik, Tsukifuto, TrueLogic, SlimJim, Splash, TeslaX
, published by Eclipsed, verified by Sunix

After a millenia, the gates of the Arena have finally opened. You are the first to enter. Rebirth of Frozen Space. Verified by Sunix.


53% or better required to qualify

4 records registered, out of which 4 are 100%
Record Holder Progress Video Proof
BrianTheBurger 100%
Skullo 100%
DiamondSplash 100%
Wooshi999 100%