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pointercrate is a small website, launched in march 2017, run by stadust1971 (that's me!), created mainly for fun, and to allow me to learn about servers and web development. Currently, it's only hosting the Demonlist, but there are plans to extend its features once I have more free time.

The Demonlist

The Demonlist is a community driven ranking of Geometry Dash's hardest demons, attempting to achieve the most accurate listing of demons and records on them. Originating on the Geometry Dash Forums, it has gone through several different management teams, until finally ending up being organized by Cobalt. After growing increasingly dissatisfied with the forums , it was decided to split the demonlist off, and move it to its own website, which was pointercrate.

Demonlist Stats:

129 Demons
50 on the main list,
50 on the extended list and
29 on the legacy list.

8689 Records
7819 approved,
1 submissions and
869 rejected.

Frequently Asked Questions

The website doesn't display correctly! It's broken!

First of all, that's not a question.
But here's why anyway: When I wrote this website, I went the 'easy' way and didn't really bother supporting older browsers. It should display correctly on all modern browsers, but breaks on Safari for iOS 9, all versions of Opera Mini and probably also on Internet Explorer. Note that most of the time, those browsers simply cause visual quirks that dont impact functionality!

I've found a bug! What should I do?

If you think you've found a bug, you should contact me (see below for how), so I can work on fixing it asap!
Though please note that Demonlist complaints are, in fact, not bugs, and should not be reported to me. I have no influence on the list.

Demonlist related question:

Can you add my record?

No. Submit it through the form.

The Stats Viewer doesnt display one of my records! What should I do?

That's a known bug. I currently do not have the time to investigate it. There isn't really much you can do about it, I'm afraid.

How is the Demonlist score calculated?

The score is calculated using a function of logistic growth. Let \(n\) be the position of the demon a record was made on, \(l\) the current size of the extended list, and \(r\) your progress as a decimal percentage. For \(r = 1\), we have $$score = \frac{l}{\frac{l}{5} + (\frac{-l}{5}+1) * e^{-0.008 * n}}$$ If \(r \ne 1\), the above equation is multiplied by \(\frac{r}{2}\).

Alright, fine, and what does that mean?

The top demon awards as many points as the list is long, the last demon awards 5 points. In between, we have a steep decline in points. Any non-100% record can only gain half the points for a given demon, and furthermore gets less points the smaller the progress.

Why was my record removed?

Ask the Demonlist Team.

Where do I put suggestions for the list?

Contact a member of the Demonlist Team, or message their Twitter.

Can you host my list too? Its about ...!



 Email (developer): stardust19710@gmail.com

 Twitter (developer): stadust1971
 Twitter (Demonlist Team): demonlistgd