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pointercrate.com is a independent website, launched in April 2017, coded and maintained by stadust. It currently hosts the demonlist, but there are plans greatly extend its feature set, and the recent addition of a REST API is only the first step in that direction.


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The Demonlist

The demonlist is a community driven ranking of Geometry Dash's hardest levels, attempting to be the most accurate listing of demons and records on them.

Originating on the Geometry Dash Forums, it has gone through several different management teams, until finally ending up being organized by Cobalt. After growing increasingly dissatisfied with the forums , it was decided to split the demonlist off, and move it to its own website, which was pointercrate.

Now, after being hosted on pointercrate for over a year, the demonlist has seen an immense growth in popularity, with nearly 13000 daily page views and integration into many discord servers via the provided Discord bot.

Demonlist Stats:

167 Demons
50 on the main list,
50 on the extended list
67 on the legacy list.

12532 Records
10958 approved,
3 submissions
1571 rejected.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've found a bug! What should I do?

If you think you've found a bug, you should contact me (see below for how), so I can work on fixing it asap!
Though please note that Demonlist complaints are, in fact, not bugs, and should not be reported to me. I have no influence on the list.

Demonlist related question:

Why is the FPS bypass banned? Isn't it exactly the same as a 144hz monitor?

It is not the same. Monitors with higher refresh rates happen to trigger a bug in the game's v-sync implementation, that disables the game's 60FPS cap. While it is not known how exactly the cap gets disabled, it is presumed that when GPU based double-buffering is enabled, the cap for some reason simply isn't checked anymore and thus defaults to the monitor's refresh rate.

The FPS bypass (whose source the inclined reader can find here) explicitly sets the game's animation inverval, thus explicitly disabling the FPS cap. If FPS options would be added into the game at some point, this would be the way they'd work too.

Since these are two obviously very different processes, the FPS bypass is banned.

Can you add my record?

No. Submit it through the form.

The Stats Viewer doesnt display one of my records! What should I do?

That's a known bug. I currently do not have the time to investigate it. There isn't really much you can do about it, I'm afraid.

How is the Demonlist score calculated?

The score is calculated using a function of logistic growth. Let \(n\) be the position of the demon a record was made on, \(l\) the current size of the extended list, and \(r\) your progress as a decimal percentage. For \(r = 1\), we have $$score = \frac{l}{\frac{l}{5} + (\frac{-l}{5}+1) * e^{-0.008 * n}}$$ If \(r \ne 1\), the above equation is multiplied by \(\frac{r}{2}\).

Alright, fine, and what does that mean?

The top demon awards as many points as the list is long, the last demon awards 5 points. In between, we have a steep decline in points. Any non-100% record can only gain half the points for a given demon, and furthermore gets less points the smaller the progress.

Why was my record removed?

Ask the Demonlist Team.

Where do I put suggestions for the list?

Contact a member of the Demonlist Team, or message their Twitter.

Can you host my list too? Its about ...!